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Advantages Of Clear Glass Tea Pots

There's a great variety of tea pots for the home usage including porcelain, cast iron, ceramic, and even stoneware tea pots. Besides, there're unlimited variations of styles, colors and designs. But there's one special kind of tea pots - clear glass tea pots - which have a number of advantages over the others. So, why is it useful to use clear glass tea pots?

There's an opinion that clear glass tea pots are extremely suitable for dinner parties and may be used for elaborate settings when you're going to have a serious dinner with important people. At the same time other types of tea pots are better for everyday and personal usage, while the glass tea pots are waiting for those special occasions. But in fact, if you use clear glass tea pots they won't lose their initial look or be somehow damaged.

These are the major advantages of clear glass tea pots:

So, clear glass tea pots can be used every day for drinking tea. And there's no need to buy various kinds of tea pots for different occasions, as glass is really durable and not harmful in any way. It may be used for different purposes. It's recommended to have glass tea pots of different sizes as you may need a smaller one for personal use on a daily basis but also you'll need a somewhat larger clear tea pot for a special occasion where many people will be present.

Glass is really a perfect material for a tea pot despite its property to shatter or break when it gets too hot, but it has nothing to do with clear glass tea pots. The latter are produced from a special type of glass extremely resistant to heat. This glass can stand the heat of 100C without risk of being shattered.

Besides, glass is an elegant option as it's transparent and one can understand when it's ready to drink by looking at the color of the tea. You can also determine whether it's black tea, green tea, or some other type of tea. It's especially convenient when serving guests as they can choose the type of tea they like themselves.

Clear glass tea pots are especially good for drinking flower teas as this type of pot gives you an opportunity to see the flowers inside the pot. Such tea becomes much tastier, doesn't it? You'll probably agree that there's something warm about observing the tea bags peel back and the flower emerge from the center. In fact, many people enjoy this activity after a long working day.